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5 Steps to Improve Furnace Efficiency

You may notice that as time passes, the furnace loses its efficiency. Maintenance services are essential to keep up the furnace’s efficiency and performance.

Apart from inadequate heat, reduced efficiency may lead to high electricity bills and long cycles, which could affect the heat exchanger. This is why heat pump service experts in Santa Maria, CA, are sharing tips to maintain your furnace system

Expert Tips to Keep Your Furnace System Efficient!

Here are some tips that you can use to maintain your furnace system’s efficiency levels without spending too much on DIY tips:

Clean The Furnace

When the furnace system remains idle during the summer and works tirelessly in the winter, the dust accumulates in the furnace system and interferes with the furnace system’s functioning. This is why heat pump installation experts in Santa Maria, CA, recommend enrolling in maintenance plans to avoid problems due to excessive dust and dirt.

You can use a brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the furnace system’s interior and dust off the components monthly.

Regular Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, we advise setting up an appointment for each fall season. Maintenance is not about thoroughly cleaning the furnace system components; it also consists of lubrication, inspection, repair, replacement, and testing services.

The technicians ensure the system operates safely and upgrade the functioning to ensure it operates optimally.

Clean Out Your Vents

Sometimes, while moving furniture or placing a picture or poster in the wrong place, you might block a vent and will restrict the airflow. Restricted airflow can cause several problems like overheating and frequent circuit trips down.

Heat pump installation experts in Santa Maria, CA, advise taking a walk around your house and cleaning your vents monthly to avoid problems.

Get The Best Thermostat

A programmable and smart thermostat is best for your home if you want to enhance your comfort. You can connect the smart programmable thermostat to wi-fi and switch on the furnace even if you are away from your home. Moreover, you can save your settings in the thermostat, which helps the furnace operate more efficiently and optimally.

It is best to contact a heat pump service expert in Santa Maria, CA, to see whether your furnace system is compatible with a smart thermostat.

Minimize The Usage

Minimizing its usage is the best way to make your furnace more efficient and add more years to its life. You can bundle up and wear more warm clothes to operate the furnace at a lower temperature. Moreover, it is recommended you switch off the furnace for 1-2 hours to give the furnace system a break from the hectic schedule.

Open the doors and windows in the daytime to increase ventilation and let the sunlight warm up the indoors.

These are some tips you can use but cannot avoid the benefits of professional maintenance and tune-up services. It is best to schedule a heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA, when you take out the furnace system for the first time.

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