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7 Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace

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A furnace is an integral part of any home and essential for heating your living space. A furnace is one of the biggest contributors to your electricity bill, making up a large percentage of your energy consumption. This is why the maintenance of your furnace is necessary and a wise process to conduct regularly.

While maintaining your furnace by yourself is a good practice, contact expert heating services in Santa Maria, CA, for optimal performance.

Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace:

1. Replace Your Filter

A filter is an important part of a furnace because it inhibits particulates, dust, and bacteria from entering your home. These filters frequently become clogged over time due to particle accumulation and must be replaced to ensure maximum furnace heating effectiveness. A furnace filter is relatively affordable, and if you choose a low-cost filter, replace it every 2-3 months. However, higher-quality filters can be used for a longer period of time and replaced less frequently.

2. Clean The Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is where the fuel and air mix, creating clean combustion. This area’s cleanliness will affect the indoor air quality and the furnace’s overall efficiency. The combustion chamber can be cleaned by brushing and sweeping the burners and regularly vacuuming the whole area.

3. Check For Holes

The furnace’s combustion chamber and blower compartment may often have holes due to corrosion. These holes can be dangerous not only for the furnace’s efficiency but also for your health, as harmful gasses and substances may leak into your living space. Hence, it is necessary to check this area for holes, and seal it, to ensure proper function.

4. Clean The Vents and Ducts

While the furnace operates, particles like pet hair and dust accumulate in the vents and ducts. A thorough vacuum once a month will be enough to clean the area for the best quality indoor air.

5. Lubricate and Oil The Motors

Furnaces often have motor and shaft bearings that require regular oiling for the inner machinery to work properly. A few drops of machine oil in the caps should do the job.

6. Check The Burner Flames

The burner flames are the main heat source for a furnace and push heat into the space through the heat exchanger. Any leaks in the burner can be quite harmful to your health, so it is important to identify leaks quickly via the flames. Ideally, the flames should burn blue, but if they are yellowish, it may be a sign of carbon monoxide leakage. At this point, it is important to consult a professional heating service in Santa Maria, CA.

7. Clean The Blower

The blower is the furnace that pushes the hot air through the vents and into the living space. If the blower is dirty and clogged, then the circulation of air may not be efficient, which is why it is important to regularly clean the blower, either with a vacuum or a brush.

DIY maintenance of your furnace is great for shorter periods of time. Still, a more thorough servicing is also integral to ensure the proper functioning of your furnace. Whether installing a new HVAC system, fixing an old one, or doing routine maintenance, Organ & Sons professionals are always available to help you.

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