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How to Fix 3 Common Heat Pump Problems?

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Heat pumps are one of the most suitable appliances for your household as they are used for both winter and summer months. Sometimes, heat pumps can cause trouble, especially if not maintained properly or if the heat pump installation was not done properly.

The issues can even worsen during the winter months, where a malfunctioning heat pump might mean braving the cold for a day or two. This is why it is extremely important to learn about a few basic heat pump problems and how to solve them. However, for heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA, contact Organ & Sons, and rest assured knowing your heat pump is receiving the best repair.

Common Heat Pump Problems and Their Solutions

The Heat Pump is Not Turning On

One of the most common issues with a heat pump simply not turning on. This may be because of a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Power Loss
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Faulty Starter Capacitor

Problems such as power loss and thermostat issues are usually a result of a fuse malfunction or a tripped circuit breaker. If the fuse is broken, all that needs to be done to solve the problem is to replace the part. Dirty air filters often mean insufficient fresh air can pass through the filters due to clogging. Cleaning the filters should be enough to remove any particles.

If you hear a faint clicking noise when turning your heat pump on, this may be a sign that the starter capacitor is broken. This part should never be replaced on your own, as the capacitor contains a large electric charge, which can potentially harm you. Contact a professional to help you change the capacitor.

Heat Pump Not Switching Modes

A heat pump is designed to work in different weather conditions, which is why it can cool and heat. The only reason that a heat pump may not switch modes is because of a faulty reverse valve. A reverse valve enables the heat pump to switch from cooling to heating and vice versa, and a malfunction in this part is the only cause of the modes not switching. This problem is quite easy to identify. It could also be because of a fault during the heat pump installation, and calling an HVAC professional to inspect and repair the reverse valve is the easiest solution to help the heat pump switch modes.

The Heat Pump is Not Heating Enough

It may seem like your house is often cold, even though the heat pump is on and working. This reduction in heating may be because of reasons such as:

  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Thermostat Settings
  • Blockage of The Outside Unit
  • Refrigerant Leak

If the heat pump is not heating adequately, then the thermostat settings may need to be adjusted to account for fan speed, heating modes, and temperature. Additionally, if the heat pump’s outside unit is blocked, the heating will greatly reduce, as it cannot pull enough air from outside to heat your home.

If your heat pump is not working adequately, make an appointment with Organ & Sons for a heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA, and enjoy the comfort of a properly functioning heat pump!