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Your AC Works But It Keeps Tripping the Breaker

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When the air conditioner suddenly stops working, you first need to check the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker flips down and turns off the AC when it senses the risk of an electric short circuit and fire hazard. This may not be a big problem until it becomes repetitive and requires emergency air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA.

When your AC works but keeps tripping the breaker, repeated tripping can lead to the failure of the entire AC unit. If you don’t identify the cause of the AC tripping breaker and resolve it, it may result in costly repairs. 

Reasons Your AC Keeps Tripping the Breaker

Although AC tripping the breaker frequently is a serious issue, its solutions are not always expensive. The six most common reasons for AC tripping breakers are;

  • Clogged Filter and Coils

When AC receives annual maintenance and cleaning, it works better without obstruction. The most common and troubling consequence of not cleaning the AC is clogging. The air filter can also clog when you don’t replace it promptly.

Clogging is the main reason you should schedule AC maintenance in Santa Maria, CA. It obstructs the AC operation, and due to this obstruction, the circuit breaker trips.

  • Loose or Broken Wires

The loose wire can be responsible for power supply fluctuation. The constant variation in the electricity supply can be responsible for a power surge or short circuit risk.

As a result, the circuit breaker trips to prevent this risk. On the other hand, the broken wires can cause electrical fires that lead to the circuit breaker tripping.

  • The Refrigerant Loss

When your AC has any cracks or damage in the ductwork, insulation, and condenser unit, AC leaks the refrigerant. The constantly leaking coolant will ultimately make the refrigerant amount null.

If you continue using your AC without refrigerant, it can cause electrical failure, and the circuit breaker will trip.

  • Thermostat Needs Battery

The AC starts working when the thermostat reads the temperature and starts the fan. If your thermostat is not working, your AC will also not work. When the AC fails to run due to thermostat failure, the circuit breaker will trip to prevent electrical damage.

  • Compressor Needs Repair

A faulty AC compressor can cause many electrical issues. The neglected AC maintenance in Santa Maria, CA, can damage the compressor. If the damaged compressor does not receive a repair service immediately, it will lead to frequent breaker tripping.

  • Overloaded Circuit Breaker

There are multiple electrical devices used for convenience in the home. If you connect the wiring of all the electrical devices to the same circuit breaker box, the overloaded circuit can cause electrical hazards. Thus, an AC trips the breaker to prevent this hazard.

Repair the HVAC with Air Conditioning Services in Santa Maria, CA

When you experience AC tripping the breaker the first time, you only have to restart the circuit breaker. Do not keep repeating this solution when the circuit breaker tripping becomes frequent. For excellent HVAC services and long-lasting AC repair in Santa Maria, CA, contact Organ and Sons Mechanical, Inc.

All our HVAC professionals are trained, insured, drug-tested, and experienced. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and safety with all our HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. Call us at (805) 723-2597 to book an air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA.