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5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working

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If your air conditioning suddenly stops working after an air conditioning installation in Santa Maria, CA, there may be several possible causes for this.

When your 15 to 20-year-old AC stops working, scheduling an AC replacement is the best solution, whereas, if the unit is fairly new, a repair service is the most economical and beneficial solution. You should inspect the reason for AC not working to prevent the problem from repeating.

Five Reasons That Cause AC to Stop Working

  • Your AC is Clogged

When the air filter is not replaced, it gets clogged. It does not let cool air pass through it, and the cool air travels back to the evaporator coil leading to ice build-up.

The frozen coils stop the AC operation. The dirty AC coils and condenser can also lead to a similar outcome. You can fix a dirty air filter coil by replacing or washing it.

  • More Coolant is Needed

The refrigerant is an essential part of the AC unit, which removes excess heat and produces cool air for indoor cooling. If there is insufficient refrigerant in the AC, the air conditioner will eventually stop working.

Low coolant can be insufficient refrigerant recharge during AC installation or an antifreeze leak. The broken ductwork, cracked insulation, damaged drip pan, etc., can cause refrigerant leakage. When low coolant causes this problem, you must schedule an AC repair service.

  • Debris Near the Condenser

Too close or too much vegetation near the outside unit can block the exhaust. When AC cannot expel the heat, excessive heat can cause this AC failure. To fix this, you only need to clear the area near the outdoor AC unit.

  • A New Thermostat is Required

If the thermostat is not working and new batteries cannot turn the thermostat ON, you will need to replace the damaged thermostat. The thermostat that is not working and sending the signal to AC will cause the air conditioner to stop working.

  • The Internal Part is Damaged

When the motor lacks oil, it makes a strange vibrating noise and soon stops the AC. If the motor is broken, it will not let the AC operation continue. The other reason for AC not working can be a damaged compressor that needs replacement.

If your AC lacks annual air conditioning services in Santa Maria, CA, its compressor degrades faster. The broken or burnt motor wire can also stop the AC from working. For any internal part damage, immediate AC repair is the required solution.

Central Air Conditioning Services in Santa Maria, CA

You can prevent AC issues by keeping your AC unclogged, oiled, and  scheduling regular air conditioning services in Santa Maria, CA. Organ and Sons Mechanical, Inc. can help you with HVAC maintenance and repair. We always strive to fulfil our customers’ expectations with the best solutions. 

For any AC related issues, contact us at (805) 928-8844 for a repair. You can also apply for financing for more economical HVAC services.