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Air Conditioning Services In Santa Maria, CA

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Air Conditioning Services in Santa Maria CA, and Surrounding Areas

If you own an air conditioning system, you know about the level of professional care and attention it needs. Without professional help, your ac cannot function efficiently for a long period of time. In such cases, air conditioner owners need to contact a professional technician for Air Conditioning Services in Santa Maria, CA, to service their systems regularly.

However, air conditioning system owners often cannot find a trustworthy HVAC company in Santa Maria and other surrounding areas to which they can entrust their air conditioners and other HVAC appliances. Organ and Sons Mechanical, Inc is your perfect choice for HVAC services at affordable prices.

Problems Due to Having No Maintenance


You may think that no maintenance schedules may not have any side effects on your air conditioner, but that is not true. You may run into several problems if you ignore the need for maintenance schedules for your system:

  • The first problem you may face due to no maintenance is poor indoor air quality and unbalanced humidity levels in your home. Your air conditioning has air filters and dehumidifiers that control indoor air quality and humidity levels, and due to no maintenance, they will not work efficiently. You may notice increased allergies and breathing problems.
  • Another common problem is frequent leakages. These leakages include water, refrigerant (Freon), and carbon monoxide. Water leakage results from cloggings in the drain line, refrigerant leakage results from ice formation, and carbon monoxide leakage is a sign of damage to the compartment that holds this gas.
  • If you continue ignoring maintenance schedules, you may face holes and leaks in the ductwork network of your home. Leaks in the ducts will cause cool air to escape without reaching your home and its rooms, leading to lesser cooling efficiency.

Tips to Take Care of Your System (DIY)

Air conditioner owners feel hesitant to contact a professional technician for maintenance schedules due to the high HVAC servicing bills they receive. If air conditioning owners do not want to contact technicians for the same, they can avoid the number of maintenance schedules by taking care of their systems through some simple tips:

  1. Ensure you regularly clean your air conditioning system, both the inside and the outside unit.
  2. Replace the air filters at least once a month to ensure high indoor air quality and smooth airflow.
  3. If possible, try to get a smart thermostat for your home. Smart thermostats understand your temperature preference within a week and control the working of your cooling system themselves without having to adjust the temperature often.
  4. Check the refrigerant levels and the evaporator coils for ice formation problems. Ice formation on the coils decreases the cooling efficiency of your system.
  5. The outdoor unit of your system needs vacant space around it to function efficiently, or else it may get dust and debris that hinders its working.
  6. The best way to decrease wear and tear damage to your air conditioning system is by using fans. If you set your air conditioning system at a high temperature and use ceiling fans, your energy bills will be lesser.

Organ & Sons Mechanical Inc understands the needs and queries of our customers and ensures to deliver the best results within the stipulated time. We ensure we do not waste your time and money and work with complete transparency.
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