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AC Replacement In Santa Maria, CA

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AC Replacement in Santa Maria, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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Having an air conditioner during the summer in California helps escape the sweltering heat. With the temperature rising, every homeowner expects their AC to run at full efficiency while consuming less power. No one likes it when their AC breaks down during the middle of the day, however, even frequent repairs may not fix the issue if your air conditioning unit is too old. Contact us today for AC replacement in Santa Maria, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, CA, and surrounding areas.

Whether your compressor broke down, your ducts are leaking, or your refrigerant level is leaking, the repair cost can go up every time you get your AC repaired. If your AC repairs are affecting your wallet and your AC unit still doesn’t seem to get better, you need to get an AC replacement. There are a lot of new AC units with better energy-saving technology and other benefits.

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How does AC Replacement Help You?

Better for Environment

Newer models of ACs are environment-friendly. The refrigerant called Freon found in the older models affects the ozone layer, and that’s why the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has ordered to stop its production. Newer AC models have an environmentally friendly refrigerant called Puron, which doesn’t affect the ozone layer.

If your AC is older than ten years and you need to schedule frequent repairs, you need to swap the old model for a newer one. The old model may not be efficient; every HVAC appliance wears down over time. AC units are made to last for ten years. Regular maintenance can make it last a bit longer, but eventually, it’s better to change it to a newer and better model.

Lower Energy Consumption

Your old AC might always be turned on, even though it doesn’t provide enough cooling. It can affect your electric costs. When you notice your energy bills rising, your AC has lived out its life expectancy. It’s logical to buy a new one than spend money on repairs. The new models are very energy efficient and work at their best performance.

Better Efficiency

You’ll notice the efficiency decreasing when you keep repairing your old AC and still use it. With time the efficiency of any appliance can go down. You might feel that repairs are better than getting a replacement, but a replacement may cost you a little extra initially, but you can save a lot in the future with that investment. When you get an AC replacement, the efficiency will be better, and you won’t have to spend on frequent repairs.

Hire the Best Services for AC Replacement

Like every appliance needs maintenance, you need to service your AC regularly to maintain the efficiency of your new AC unit. We provide our customers with the best maintenance plan. Old AC units can even get noisy with loose parts. New models of AC provide better comfort to you and your family. When you get an AC replacement, you will notice a change in the comfort level.

Contact Us Today for AC Replacement in Santa Maria, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Ready for an AC upgrade in Santa Maria, CA? Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. is at your service to ensure a smooth and efficient AC replacement experience. Our team of experts will guide you through selecting the perfect new system that meets your needs, offering improved comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability. Say goodbye to your old, inefficient air conditioner and welcome a new cooling era in your home or business. Don’t wait for your AC to fail; contact Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. today to discuss your AC replacement options and take the first step towards a cooler, more comfortable environment.