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Furnace Safety Checklist to Keep Your Furnace Safe this Winter

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HVAC manufacturers recommend annual checks and heating services in Santa Maria, CA, by professional and qualified technicians. They also state in their warranties that the warranty doesn’t cover damage to their units that result from improper maintenance.

Safety Checklist For Furnaces

If you want to use your furnace for long periods, below are a list of the security checks:

  • Change the furnace’s filter

Making sure you check your filter and change it every two months is essential for your heating system’s longevity and health. If you do not want to keep track of changing your filter every couple of months or so, you can arrange for our heating service expert in Santa Maria, CA, to take care of it.

  • Check the pilot light

In the case of gas furnaces, ensure that the pilot lights are illuminated. If the pilot light is not lit, switch off the gas supply to the furnace. Do not attempt to ignite the pilot light that has not been lit because you don’t know the length of time gas is filling the space and could trigger an explosion.

  • Pay attention to the smell

It’s normal to experience an unpleasant smell in a couple of heating cycles. It is simply dust in the unit burning off. However, if the unusual smells persist and don’t disappear, it could be a larger issue. Switch off the furnace, then schedule heating repair in Santa Maria, CA without delay.

  • Remove the clutter

You should not place any boxes, flammable objects, or other things near or near the furnace. You should ensure that there is, at a minimum three-foot-square area of space around the appliance. In certain homes, the water heater might be near the furnace, and if that’s the case in your house, you should expand the clearance by including the hot water tank.

  • Make sure that the vents are open

You might have closed off some vents in the summer, but you would like them to be opened during winter. While checking and altering the air vents, it is a good opportunity to sweep the vents’ openings to remove dust.

  • Schedule a furnace service tune-up

Homeowners should not wait until they discover their furnace is not working properly to reach out to our HVAC professional. It’s a great idea to take a proactive approach to the condition that your furnace is working by scheduling periodic maintenance before you turn up the heat to prepare it for winter.

  • Check for cold spots

Many reasons can cause cold areas. For example, the air passageway into the room may be completely closed, or even a piece of furniture that is positioned above it, limiting the airflow.

Another reason for the temperature fluctuation could be the small air leaks around doors and windows. Put your hand on the outside frame of the window and check whether you feel cool air entering the house. If it is, you’ll need to install weather stripping to prevent air leaks.


The most effective option for your furnace is to schedule an inspection with Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. to ensure that your furnace’s safety functions are in good condition to endure the winter months ahead! Call us at (805) 723-2597  to fix an appointment for heating repair in Santa Maria, CA.