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Heat Pump Installation In Santa Maria CA

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A heat pump can cool your house, much like a conventional air conditioner, but it can also generate heat. A heat pump carries heat from cold outdoor air to your home during the harsh winter and HOT summer months. It removes heat from the inside air to cool your house. 

Homeowners may not need to build separate cooling and heating systems because heat pumps can handle both cooling and heating. Heat pumps are more eco-friendly than furnaces because they don’t burn fossil fuels.

1. The Different Types of Heat Pumps

  • An air-source heat pump (air-to-air heat pump) transports heat between the air outside the home and the indoor air.
  • Geothermal heat pumps (water-to-water heat pumps) transfer heat from your home to the ground beneath. 
  • A water heater heat pump (air-to-water heat pump) can take hot air outside your house and transform it into hot water. It will then release cold air after most of the heat from the air gets transferred into the water.

2. What Is The Best Size of Heat Pump I Require?

The sizes of heat pumps are determined by the volume of air they transport, and the rating is measured in tons. Most heat pumps for residential use are between 1.5 to 5 tons, and the standard for the typical US home is to choose one that will provide around 1 ton per 400 sq feet.
Selecting the appropriate size for your space before heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA, will determine the unit’s effectiveness. If the heat pump is not big enough, it will likely continue to run continuously, put an enormous strain on the unit, and wear out its useful life. If a heat pump is too large, it will begin and stop more often, which makes it less efficient.

3. Factors For Selecting The Best Size Heater

  • How airtight and well-insulated is your home? A leaky, poorly insulated house will lose heat faster than a well-insulated, airtight home. The climate in which you reside is vital since there will be more demand for heat in homes in northern areas.
  • How much will you be relying on it? It also matters when you’re trying to use it to boost the cooling or heating and cut expenses from furnaces or another source.

Bottom Line

If you decide to move to a heating system, our team is happy to help you through the procedure. We’ll review the pros and cons of every heat pump to ensure you can choose the one that fits your house and budget. 

After narrowing it down to a specific model, the experts will assist you in determining the ideal size unit to achieve the highest effectiveness. We’ll set up the system for your specific home and make sure that it functions properly.

In the field of heating pump installation, there’s no more reliable HVAC company serving Santa Maria than Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. When you partner with us, you’ll be sure you’re getting the most price for your budget. Call or email us to set an appointment for the heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA.