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How To Reset A Heat Pump

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If your facing issues with your heating system, resetting your furnace or heat pump can often solve the problem. Even though different brands and type of heat pump or furnace will have a slightly different resetting procedure, there are standard ways to reset the system and get your home back to being comfortable.

Steps to Reset A Heat Pump

  • Begin By Using The Thermostat

The thermostat fails to send information to your heat pump or furnace. It could be necessary to reset a smart or programmed thermostat. The touchscreen interface on the thermostat lets you accomplish this. Resetting a smart thermostat is also possible using the app on your phone. You might need to reconfigure the thermostat after resetting it.

You might also need to detach and rejoin a smart thermostat from your Wi-Fi. As part of the reset procedure, software upgrades might need to be downloaded. Increase the temperature a few degrees after the thermostat resets to check whether the heat pump or furnace responds. If not, move on to further steps. You can also talk to a professional for heating service in Santa Maria, CA to assist you.

  • Use The Power Switch on The Furnace

Locate the furnace’s power switch. The switch for most furnaces is located outside the metal cabinet housing the blower unit. In order to turn the light off, push the switch. Turn it back on after two to three minutes. Continue the following step if your furnace still isn’t working.

  • Flip The Furnace Reset Button

There is a reset button on newer furnaces. They often have a yellow or red tint. The location of the reset button varies depending on the make and type. However, it is often found inside the blower unit. A graphic will show where to locate the button on the manufacturer’s website or in the owner’s handbook.

To access the metal casing of the blower chamber, you might require a screwdriver. Before you access the blower chamber, make sure the furnace is off. Press the reset button and restore the furnace’s power.

After turning the furnace back on, if the reset button flips again, the safety system may have been activated, necessitating expert furnace troubleshooting methods by a licensed HVAC specialist for heating installation in Santa Maria, CA.

  • Switch The Circuit Breaker Back On

Try resetting the circuit breaker if the preceding methods haven’t made your furnace or heat pump work. Using the power switch, turn off the electricity to the furnace or heat pump. Locate the heater’s breakers. Heat pumps frequently employ two breakers. The air handler uses one, while the outside unit uses the other. Be careful you turn them off, wait a minute or two, and then turn them back on.

Turn on your heater system’s power switch. It can take the heat pump or furnace a few seconds to start up and function. Turn the system off again and make a repair call if the appliance tries to start a heating cycle but trips the power switch or breaker.

We at Organ & Sons Mechanical Inc provide dependable heating service and heating installation in Santa Maria, CA, as well as air conditioning installation, maintenance, and replacement services. Call us for further details on resetting a furnace or heat pump.