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How To Troubleshoot Your Home Heating System

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A heating system with blinking lights may indicate issues that require immediate repair services. If you notice the blinking light is flashing six times rapidly, follow the troubleshooting steps below before you call a professional technician for heating service in Santa Maria, CA.

Effective Troubleshooting Tips For Your Home Heating System

  • Unplugging The Furnace

To ensure safety, cut the power supply to the furnace before doing anything else. When fixing your furnace, it is safest to remove the plug from the outlet and then proceed further.

  • Inspect The Power Cord

You should ensure that the power cord is plugged into an outlet with at least 115 volts. Most outlets in a home likely have more than 120 volts of power, but you should check this first. You can contact a technician if you are unsure about the power supply of your outlet.

  • Remove Other Appliances

If other appliances are connected to the same outlet, remove them and keep them elsewhere. When a light blinks six times rapidly, there is an unexpected change in voltage polarity. If you have external appliances connected to that outlet, you may be able to fix the problem by removing them.

  • Reset The Circuit Breaker

As this issue involves a shift in voltage polarity, you can take extra safety measures by replacing the circuit breaker in your furnace. As a result, the power volt polarity would not shift in the future.

  • Inspect Air Registers

Check the air registers of your home before you restart your furnace. You must ensure that there are no obstructions in those registers that could hinder its operation. Follow all these steps successfully, and then you can try restarting your furnace.

If everything goes well, the light will stop blinking, and your furnace will normally work again. If the light continues blinking, you should contact a professional technician instead of repeating these steps. Most likely, your furnace is experiencing issues other than a polarity shift.

  • Reset The Overloaded Motor

The entire system will shut down when your heating unit motor overheats (often because of dirt and debris). Ensure that the blower motor, control board, and run capacitor are in good working order in the blower compartment of furnace systems.

An inspection window in the blower compartment should indicate that everything is working properly with a flashing green light. Moreover, it needs to be inspected if you see the light is red or not flashing.


In addition to shifting power volt polarity, the blinking light may indicate other problems. Some of these issues can be fixed independently, while others require immediate professional attention. For such situations, you should contact a reliable HVAC company. Choose Organs & Sons Mechanical Inc for all your heating service needs.

We guarantee that your furnace system and other HVAC appliances obtain the best services in Santa Maria, CA.. Contact or email us for services including expert heating installation.