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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill this Summer

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Air conditioners allow us to stay comfortable in the summer. However, homeowners often become worried about the utility bill during this season because of the consistent AC usage. Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc offers professional AC repair in Santa Maria, CA, which will ensure your unit is running as efficiently as possible. We’ve also outlined tips and tricks you can try to reduce your AC bill this summer.

Essential 5 Tips To Minimize The Utility Bill This Summer

  • Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are increasing in popularity among homeowners. These thermostats are effective for their efficient usage. They can regulate temperature as needed and adjust settings remotely to save energy.

A programmable thermostat can keep the temperature stable as per your instructions while you are outside and cool down your home at the right time. Contact our professional HVAC service provider for more information on smart thermostats.

  • Increase the Temperature

Once you’ve established your ideal temperature you can set your thermostat accordingly. Studies have shown a homeowner can save as much as 10% on their cooling bill annually by turning up the heat an additional 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. You can contact our expert AC repair technician in Santa Maria, CA, for assistance.

  • Use Blinds Wisely

Blinds are one of the effective ways to keep your indoors cool. The blinds prevent any unnecessary sunlight from entering your home. When the indoors stay cool, the AC doesn’t have to work harder, and consumes less energy. Many homeowners overlook this common method to keep the indoors cool on summer days. They end up paying excessively extra money as utility bills.

  • Opt for On-Time Service

It’s recommended to opt for an on-time air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA. It’s best to attend to AC problems on time to prevent any damage to your system and reduce the electricity consumption rate. The problems which can make your AC work harder are shown below;

  1. Dirty air filters
  2. Leakage in the ducts
  3. Low refrigerant level
  4. Dirt and debris on the outdoor unit, etc.

The earlier you pay attention to these problems, the better service the air conditioner can provide you.

  • Make Use of the Ceiling Fans

AC experts often say that ceiling fans can provide extensive support to your AC. Turning on the fan at a moderate speed distributes the cool air across your room faster than usual. You should also remember not to put the fan at high speed.

Bottom Line

When you own an air conditioner system, it’s important to know how to keep it in the best condition. Failing to maintain your system can result in excessive energy bills. For the best professional air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA, contact the experts at Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc.

Our top-notch AC service is affordable and efficient. We believe in providing ultimate satisfaction through our HVAC services. Call us at (805) 723-2597 to learn more today.