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Warning Signs Your Furnace is On Its Way Out

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A furnace is essential to any home, keeping it warm, toasty, and comfortable. Sometimes , it may appear that your furnace frequently breaks down out of nowhere and requires replacement or repair with no prior sign of a problem.

However, the warning signs are obvious and quite easy to spot once you know what to look for. This will give you plenty of time to choose a suitable furnace replacement and schedule a heating installation in Santa Maria, CA.

What Are The Signs of a Furnace Breaking Down?

  • Required Frequent Repairs: If the furnace has been giving you more problems recently, especially requiring more repairs and servicing than normal, this may be a sign of your furnace being on its last leg. This is because a furnace generally requires more maintenance and upkeep during the last two years of its life, and the cost of repairs will keep increasing until you replace it.

  • Troublesome Sounds: When the furnace starts making strange and troublesome sounds, it’s never a good sign. These sounds may indicate the malfunctioning or slowing down of the furnace’s internal parts and indicate that the furnace does not have much more life left. While this may be temporarily fixed by repairs and oiling of inner motors, this does nothing but prolong the furnace’s life.

  • Climbing Heating Bills: If your heating bills have been steadily increasing due to the furnace, this is a clear sign that the furnace is no longer as efficient as before and requires more energy to heat your living space. This is one of the biggest indicators of the furnace reaching the end of its life, and you need a heating installation in Santa Maria, CA.

  • Inability to Control Temperature: If your furnace finds it increasingly difficult to control the temperature and switch different modes, especially distributing the heat in different areas of the home, it is a sure sign that it is getting old and may be reaching the end of its life.

    This may be because the heat it generates is no longer strong enough to make a noticeable difference in multiple areas of the home or because the furnace can no longer recognise the temperature control commands.

  • Change in The Flame Color: The flame should generally be a vibrant blue if you have a gas furnace. This is why if the color changes to yellow, it is a sign of carbon monoxide leakage and that the furnace can no longer efficiently and safely vent away carbon monoxide and is on its way out. In this situation, it is extremely important to contact a professional heating repair in Santa Maria, CA, to safely dispose of or fix the furnace, as there may be potential health hazards.

If the furnace’s performance is not up to par, you may always choose to fix it professionally by contacting Organ & Sons for heating repair in Santa Maria, CA. However, it is also recommended to completely replace the furnace unit, as it will be more cost-effective, efficient in heating, take up less time, and be safer overall.

Call us to book an appointment with an HVAC professional to assess your furnace for the above signs and make a decision regarding replacing your current furnace unit.