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8 Common Heat Pump Issues And Their Solutions

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A heat pump provides hot and cool airflow and can last for up to 10 -15 years. During this period, a few common heat pump issues are experienced by almost every HVAC owner. If you fix these common heat pump issues without delay,, you can preserve the lifespan of your heat pump.

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Common Heat Pump Issues and Their Solutions

The eight common heat pump issues and tips to fix these problems are explained below:

1. Heat Pump not Blowing Air

A heat pump is supposed to extract heat from outdoor air and pump it indoors. If you experience no airflow from your heat pump, you should try the below-given solutions.

  • Replace the dirty air filter
  • Change thermostat batteries
  • Remove blown fuse wire
  • Restart the circuit breaker

2. No Heat During Winters

If your heat pump is blowing cool air during the winter season. The wrong thermostat settings, low refrigerant, and other defects can cause this problem. The solutions for these heat pump issue are the following:

  • Set the right temperature and heating mode ON.
  • Clean the HVAC coils, air registers, and drain lines .
  • Change the heat pump filter.
  • Check the refrigerant and schedule recharge if needed.

3. No Cooling During Summer

Another problem you may face after heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA, is no cooling during the summer season. If your heat pump does not blow cool air, try these tips;

  • Ensure your heat pump has enough refrigerant.
  • Recalibrate the thermostat.
  • Clean the dirty air filter.

4. Water or Coolant Leakage

The water near the heat pump, the frequent need for coolant recharge, and the musty smell indicate an antifreeze leak. The listed simple steps can help you fix the leakage.

If you are unable to find the leaking area, schedule a heat pump service with our technician in Santa Maria, OH.

  • Clear the clogged drain lines.
  • Replace the damaged insulation.

5. Fan Running Constantly

The heat pump fan should run according to its heating and cooling cycles. If it is constantly running, you try these tips.

  • Recalibrate the thermostat and set the “Auto” mode.
  • Replace the broken compressor.
  • Clean the dirty coils .

6. Frozen HVAC Coils

The quick and excessive ice build-up on heat pump coils obstructs the heating. Follow these steps to get rid of frozen HVAC coils.

  • Schedule a tune-up service.
  • Trim the vegetation near the outdoor unit.
  • Clear the blocked drain lines.

7. Short Cycling Issue

Overheating, electrical failures, wrong heat pump size, and improper maintenance cause frequent short cycling problems. The solution for this issue includes;

  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Ensure that thermostat batteries are not dead.
  • If sizing is the problem, replace your heat pump.

If the mentioned solutions didn’t help, schedule a heat pump service in Santa Maria, OH, to troubleshoot your mini-split.

8. The Heat Pump Making Noises

A heat pump making loud buzzing, rattling, screeching, etc., noises is one of the common heat pump issues that need the listed solutions;

  • Tighten the loose screws.
  • Replace the broken component.
  • Fix the cracks responsible for the leakage.


Common heat pump issues are mainly experienced by HVAC owners who do not schedule annual maintenance services. Contact Organs and Sons Mechanical LLC for HVAC tune-up. We provide all plumbing, electrical, HVAC services, and heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA and the surrounding areas. Get in touch today!