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How Do You Change A Furnace Thermostat?

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How Do You Change A Furnace Thermostat?

A thermostat is used to control heating and cooling systems. It turns the heating or cooling system on or off based on the settings set by the user. There are many different types of thermostats, but most have similar parts and operate similarly.

It’s best to schedule a heating service with our experienced professionals if you require assistance with your thermostat replacement. If you are located in Santa Maria, California, call Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. at (805) 928-8844 for exceptional heating service.

To replace a furnace thermostat, you will require the following:

  • A screwdriver
  • A new thermostat (if you’re replacing the old one)
  • Wire cutters (if you’re replacing the old thermostat)
  • Wire strippers (if you’re replacing the old thermostat)

A furnace thermostat is a vital component of your home heating system, and replacing it can be a simple process. Follow these steps to replace your furnace thermostat correctly:

  1. Turn off the power to the furnace: Before you begin, you’ll need to shut off the power to the heater. Locate the switch or circuit breaker that controls the power to the heating system and switch it to the “Off” position.
  2. Remove the old thermostat: Once the power is off, remove the old thermostat from its baseplate. If your old thermostat is battery-operated, remove the batteries before removing the thermostat itself. If your old thermostat is hardwired, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that secure the wires to the terminals. Once the screws are loosened, carefully pull the wires off of the terminals and then remove the thermostat from its baseplate.
  3. Prepare the new thermostat: If you’re replacing your old thermostat with a new one, you’ll need to remove the batteries from the old thermostat (if it’s battery-operated) and then attach the new thermostat to its baseplate. If you’re using the same type of thermostat, you can usually reattach it to the same baseplate.
  4. Connect the wires: Once the new thermostat is in place, you’ll need to reconnect the wires. If your old thermostat was hardwired, carefully match each wire to the correct terminal on the new thermostat and then tighten the screws to secure them in place. If your old thermostat was battery-operated, you’ll need to insert the batteries into the new thermostat.
  5. Turn on the power: Once all the wires are secure, you can turn the power back on to the furnace. Then, flip the switch or circuit breaker to the “On” position. Lastly, test the thermostat to ensure it’s working properly.

Changing a furnace thermostat is a relatively simple process that most homeowners can do themselves. However, if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can book a heating service with us. Our experienced technician will take care of the thermostat replacement in the most reliable way.

Get Expert Help On Thermostat Installation In Santa Maria, CA

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