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Troubleshooting Problems With Your Heat Pump

With their ability to heat and cool efficiently, heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventional heating appliances. As a centrifugal heating system, a heat pump reversely pulls heat from the outdoor air into the house’s interior and provides cooling. In terms of maintenance, heat pumps are very similar to air conditioners, but they have some special requirements. Here are the tips to troubleshoot your heat pump that will help you identify the problems and determine what needs to be done.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Problem

  • A Heat Pump is Frozen in Winter Weather

Heat pumps often have an outside unit covered with frost or light ice. A heat pump icing up during the winter is quite common. Occasionally, the unit will go into defrost mode to remove that frost. Using a hard or pointy object to chip away the ice is not recommended. The fan coils are very delicate and can easily be damaged. Melt the ice with water from a hose instead.

If the unit is blocked by debris or snow, remove it. Make sure the gutters aren’t leaking and aren’t dripping water onto the unit. Contact your HVAC technician for heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA, to troubleshoot defrost issues.

  • Heat Pump Runs Continuously in The Summer

During those triple-digit heat waves, your heat pump might constantly run when trying to reach a low set temperature. Your HVAC heat pump probably needs to be serviced if it isn’t functioning properly. Ensure that the thermostat is set correctly, and the heat pump should not be accidentally set to a/c mode during cold weather.

Heat pumps work that way by design. Compared to a furnace, heat pumps run longer and produce less heat. Nevertheless, if the temperature is above the mid-30s and it’s still running all the time, then you may have an issue, such as a leaking refrigerant or a frozen outdoor unit.

It is also possible that your heat pump is undersized and not equipped to heat your space if it isn’t heating adequately. The space may be poorly insulated, and too much heat is being lost. If you haven’t maintained your system in a while, it may be dirty and running poorly. All of this can be sorted out by your HVAC professional for heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA.

  • Blowing Cold Air in Heat Mode

Valve, refrigerant charge, or compressor problems may affect your system. You may also need to clean and maintain your heat pump if it has not been serviced properly. It may be time to consider investing in a new heat pump or finding a different service provider to meet your needs better if your heat pump is experiencing repeated problems.

To Summarize

The above troubleshooting tips can help you maintain your system properly. However, expert assistance is recommended for repairs and installation. If you’re looking for a heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA, contact Organ & Sons Mechanical Inc. You can visit our website or contact our experts by calling (805) 723-2597.