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Top 5 Reasons Your AC is Always Running But Not Cooling the House

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Everyone depends on their air conditioners to stay cool during the sweltering summers. Most homeowners plan a tune-up as soon as the temperature increases. 

However, occasionally the air conditioner is turned on but not cooling the house. There are several causes for this issue, some of which have straightforward fixes that you can perform on your own. This includes inspecting the condenser, air filter, and thermostat. Other causes are more complicated and need a specialist. Get in touch with experts at Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc for AC repair in Santa Maria, CA.

Reasons Your Air Conditioning Device Keeps Running:

Below are some reasons your air conditioning device keeps running without cooling:

  • A Faulty Thermostat

Your air conditioner could become stuck if your thermostat develops a fault or stops functioning altogether. Even though the cure is typically inexpensive, it is advisable to take care of it right once to prevent further, more serious harm.

  • Duct Leaks

The conditioned air is distributed throughout the entire house using ducts. However, if there is a leak, this procedure might be hindered. It’s not recommended to attempt to repair leaky ducts alone. Get in touch with our experts for AC repair in Santa Maria, CA.

  • Refrigerant is Leaking

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant to operate correctly. Your air conditioner may work poorly due to a refrigerant leak, or the entire machine may shut down. Although it may seem simple, it is best to leave it to our professionals for air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA.

  • Limit Control Switch That is Broken

If your thermostat functions correctly, there’s a possibility that your limit control switch is broken. This part is in charge of turning off your furnace when it reaches a specific temperature. If this switch is malfunctioning, your air conditioner will keep running even after you turn it off since it will believe that the interior temperature is still too high.

  • Outside Heat

Your air conditioner may occasionally continue to operate even when it is off due to outdoor heat. Particularly if your apartment is improperly insulated, this is true. When the AC coils become chilly from heat infiltration, the thermostat is prompted to switch back on.

Additionally, if you keep your blinds up all day on a hot summer day, especially during the hottest parts, the sun will beam into your home, boosting the temperature and forcing the AC unit to switch on to cool your space. Keep your window coverings drawn during the day to conserve energy and lower your summer electricity expenses.

  • Faulty Wiring

Incorrect wiring frequently causes problems with your thermostat. The power cord may be producing problems with your AC unit even if your thermostat may appear to be on. If you have any wiring issues, you should contact our specialists as doing so may be difficult and dangerous for homeowners.

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