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Signs That Your Air Conditioner Could Be Making You Sick

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When it comes to combating overheated houses, air conditioners can be a lifesaver. After a long day in the summer heat, nothing compares to turning on your air conditioner and feeling the cool air on your skin. 

Regardless if you use your air conditioner frequently or only use it occasionally, it’s good to be aware of the potential harm it may be doing to your health without regular AC maintenance in Santa Maria, CA.

4 Signs To Be Aware Of

Below are several potentially adverse effects of air conditioners that you should be aware of. It is a good idea to be aware of the risks to maintain control over your health. For air conditioning service in Santa Maria, CA, reach out to the experts at Organ and Sons Mechanical, Inc. We can ensure your air conditioner is running optimally!

  • Difficulty Breathing

A significant amount of moisture accumulates from condensation brought on by the large volume of cool air that flows through an air conditioner. This can also serve as a breeding ground for black mold. All these microbes residing in your air conditioner run the risk of causing respiratory issues.

  • Migraine

You may feel stuffy or congested, or have a headache after spending all day in an air-conditioned structure. In actuality, it’s possible that the air conditioning is to blame. To avoid these symptoms, make sure your air filters are not dirty and your ducts are clean.

  • Dry Skin

Due to its harmful effects on your skin, you should cut down on your AC usage. The more time spent in air conditioning, the dryer your skin gets since the cold, dry air causes the skin to lose its natural moisture. However, if you do need air conditioning regularly, ensure you’re staying hydrated with lots of water and using a recommended moisturizer to treat inflamed skin.

  • Dry or Itchy Eyes

When the air in a room is cooled and dehumidified, it can cause the moisture in your eyes to evaporate more quickly, leading to dryness, irritation, and discomfort. This is especially true for people who already have dry eye syndrome or are prone to eye allergies. To prevent dry eyes from air conditioning, you can try using artificial tears, adjusting the humidity levels in your home, taking breaks from air conditioning, and making sure to blink regularly to keep your eyes moist.

Keep Your Home Comfortable With The Best AC Conditioning Service

It can be irritating to experience illness or discomfort from your air conditioning, especially in the summer. Your productivity may suffer, and your daily routine may be derailed.

We at Organ and Sons Mechanical, Inc. can help you know about signs and possible health issues of air conditioners and help to take precautions to avoid them. For further questions regarding AC maintenance in Santa Maria, CA, contact us at (805) 723-2597.