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Three Ways You Can Improve Your Heat Pump’s Performance

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A heat pump collects heat from the outside and transfers it inside your home. It is powered by electricity to do this, but the heat delivered to your home is higher than the power used to run the system. As a heat pump absorbs the heat already existing in the natural environment, it does not use any fuel and releases zero carbon dioxide. 

Our heat pump installation experts in Santa Maria, CA, suggest that heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems because the amount of heat they create exceeds the amount of energy they use.

Tips For Improving Heat Pump Efficiency

To ensure maximum performance, adhere to the manufacturer’s suggestions for professional service and regular cleaning of your filter. 

Additional tips include:

1. Do not use “Auto” mode in summer and winter

If you are in “Auto” mode, heat pumps keep a steady temperature by switching between “Cool” and “Heat” modes. To prevent accidentally turning on the air conditioner during a sunny mid-winter day or even when the wood stove is on, choose “Heat” mode, not “Auto.” Likewise, to prevent heating accidentally during a cold summer night, select “Cool,” “Dry,” or “Fan” mode, not “Auto”.

2. Maintain your outside unit in good condition

Since a heat pump has two components, an outdoor and an indoor unit, you’ll need to regularly inspect the outside part for twigs, leaves, and other debris. In the worst-case scenario, there could be a nest within your heat pump.

Any obstruction to the heat pump’s efficiency could result in malfunctioning; therefore, ensure you monitor that exterior unit regularly. You can also hire our expert for regular heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA.

3. Make sure you are doing regular maintenance

Like all heating systems, one must ensure that the heat pump is maintained properly to operate optimally. Warranty for quality on heat pumps last as long as 10 years. You can anticipate it to last for fifteen years or more by ensuring regular heat pump service in Santa Maria, CA.

The most common checks involve an inspection of the water pumps and outside pipes, the fittings, and electronics. The ground source heat pump might occasionally require replacement with a new pressurized system or have an antifreeze’s quality tested by our professional.

This can be done by our qualified professional every two years. It is also important to examine any conditions your warranty covers to ensure your system complies.

The Bottom Line

Before installing a heat pump, it is important to determine whether you should submit a request to the local planning authority to obtain permission. The majority of installations of heat pumps are considered “permitted developments,” meaning there is no need for permission. 

There are exceptions, so it’s a good idea to consult the local planning department before taking action, particularly if you reside in a listed building or conservation zone.

You can count on Organ & Sons Mechanical, Inc. for your home’s HVAC needs, whether you require a heat pump installation in Santa Maria, CA, or HVAC repair. To find out more about our offerings, call (805) 723-2597